May 16th, 2007

Abraham Simpson
  • fsi

New: FSi's Text Parser Game

FSi's Text Parser Game
Long ago the grass was greener, the sky was brighter and the games were ruled by text parsers. These days have gone forever... Or are they? Help Larry Wilco in his epic quest for the Holy Text Parser (and report bugs if necessary) on Earth, Mars and Tibet! Save his family from enslavement. Collect apples. Discuss things. Unveil conspiracies. Guess the verbs. All in one tiny game.

Note: Contains some BLOOM and LENS FLARE.
Note 2: No animations at all, so no epilepsy warnings. Safe as doughnut.
Note 3: Oh, yes, some strong language there. Just for you to know

Some sort of apology follows.
This is worst of all things I ever done for MAGS, sorry, fellows. It's crap.

Download FSi's Text Parser Game
Discuss and report bugs on forums

p.s. Made under awful hurry in one day.