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Hi dudes.
Just to make you know.
I'm still working on the Voodoo Dave et the Tablecloth Mystery PLUS Kill Davy Jones.

About KDJ, I've remade all the scripts and now it works much faster, and increasing of the number of Davy Jonesses is much cheaper now. Before it would require about ten lines of code for EACH new Davy, now it's only three. All the data is stored in the lev?.dat's by the way.
Second demo, hopefully, tomorrow.

About VDTM. It's turning out to be nice, with its own graphical concept. Probably it would be a bit short game (eh, as usual) about guy whose girlfriend sent him to hell. And he went there.
Where's haunted mansion, you dare to ask? It would be there, relax.


p.s. Oh yeah, almost forgot about my addition to QQQ series. QQQ: FSi's SymDefecation. It's right there: http://fsi3rd.smtp.ru/symdef.rar, though I don't know where I've lost my screenshot.
Edit: Here's game's "Games" page... Comment here or there...
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Ow yeah.

That's my brand new english blog for all you poor guys who cannot read Russian.
I hope the things here and there (fsi) will be a bit different, so if you do understand Russian, read BOTH.
Heh, and for the start - the demo of my future game caled "Kill Davy Jones". Quite obviously, it's about killing Davy Jones. 10 in the demo, 609 in the full thing (if it ever be released). So worship me, children, and maybe I'll finish it.
Game's page is right over there.
Don't forget to say that it's the coolest game in the universe or I came and poke yer eyes out.
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