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FSi Global and Planning to Take Over the World!


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Independent game designer. I prefer adventure games (though RPG or arcade games could also be fun sometimes). Selected works include (click links to see game's description):

Shorthand bio
Back in my ZX Spectrum ages I used to program its flavour of Basic (needless to say, rather cute one) and even made some crappy games with it. I never let nobody near them, and as you can clearly see, most of humanity is sane at the moment.

Then I discovered some text adventure mastering tool for it (most likely it was GAC, but I can't quite remember now) and played with it a bit. My masterpiece was almost three locations big and comprised breathtaking amount of one "open the chest" puzzle. Now it is lost forever, thank whatever deity you praise.

Now, in my early PC era I mostly slackered and played works of other people, once in a while trying to make something with C++ (generally with no results).

Then I've found AGS, played with it for a while and bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.

I also made one awful hard-coded IF (in Russian). Its name can be (remotely) translated as "Shit Thrasher" and you don't (I said you DON'T) want to see it (or its remake).

Not to mention my affairs with Inform, which yielded such masterpieces as HoundHouse (interactive essay about negative factors of alcoholic beverages) and Shit Museum: Mystery At The Museum Of Shits, both stuck in beta testing phase. Maybe I'll revive HoundHouse at some point, though.
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Social capital

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